The Cocaine Dealer Relationship Myth

The History of a Story

On July 1st, 2014 the American News/Gossip-Portal RadarOnline published an article titled “Amanda Knox Caught In Alleged Cocaine Scandal — Will Drug Allegations Crush Her Bid For An Appeal In Meredith Kercher Murder Case?“. The story was picked up by the “Mirror” on July 2nd and by the “Daily Mail” and “The Independent” on July 3rd and finally ended up in the Italian crime-magazine “Giallo“. “Giallo” published a follow up to the story publishing what is supposed to be the police report at the center of this story which was then taken up again by RadarOnline. Pro-Guilt writer Selene Nelson in one of her articles complained bitterly that despite “Considering how central the use of drugs has always been to this case, there is no evading the weight of this information.” because of the so-called “Knox PR Machine” “large portions of the American media remained silent”.

Why wasn’t this picked up by the US main stream media?

Because it is “old news”. In January 2011, just days after Judge Hellmann granted the independent experts review of the DNA evidence Giuseppe Catellini‘s “Giornale dell’Umbria” (the newspaper whose’s cub reporter found all the witnesses the police couldn’t find (Curatolo, Quintavalle and the “ear witnesses”) had this one on it’s front page on January 14, 2011:


The story had been picked up by other local Italian “news” like “Terni Magazine” but wasn’t picked up by the international news.

The interesting question is: “Why was this long dead story revived by someone hiding behind “Radar Staff” on an American News/Gossip portal?”

One of the “fundamental beliefs” on the Anti-Knox website “True Justice for Meredith Kercher” is that “The US State Department won’t raise a finger when it comes to extradition because drugs where involved”, they may be right or wrong on this but this seems to be the reason for reviving this story. Folks on TJMK have speculated for a long time now on what drugs were involved, going from “Skunk Weed” over “Cocaine” to “Chrystal Meth”.

Both Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have published court documents and trial transcripts on their web pages to make clear that they have nothing to hide.

Amanda Knox published her bank record to make clear that she wasn’t short of money, so she wouldn’t have to steal from Meredith as Judge Nencini now speculates (Nencini is giving credit to Guede on a charge that has been dismissed by all of the courts). She also published her phone records. The phone record proves that there weren’t any calls from or to the “Cocaine Dealer” “before and after the murder” as the copied/pasted media reports mentioned above suggest. There are incoming calls from numbers whose owner hasn’t been identified (the ones marked with a different color for each different number) and from numbers that are not known (the ones in red) that have been most likely blacked out from the document to protect their owner’s privacy.

Unfortunately the number of “Federico” was censored out in the police report “Giallo” published. This is the order to tapp “Federico’s” phone. The number “389-9647716” given in the document doesn’t show up in Amanda Knox’s phone log not as a number she called and not as a number she was called from.

The “police report”

Image Image

“Giallo” published says that the police got F(ederico)’s number because it was stored on Amanda Knox’s mobile phone. The police wiretapped F’s phone and found out that he was linked to persons dealing cocaine in Perugia and was a dealer himself.

TJMK translates this part:

si appurava che una persona italiana a nome “Federico” avrebbe fornito saltuariamente di sostanze stupefacente la nota AMANDA KNOX oltre ad avere presumibilmente avuto con lei dei rapporti di tipo sessuale.”


it was verified that an Italian person with the name of “Federico” would from time to time supply drugs to the [person] known as Amanda KNOX, and also allegedly had relations with her of a sexual nature.

It should read:

“it was verified that an Italian person with the name of “Federico” allegedly supplied drugs occasionally to the [person] known as Amanda KNOX, and also presumably had relations with her of a sexual nature.”

It reads slightly odd with the word “verified” followed by “allegedly”, but what is clear from this sentence is that they have not verified anything at all, they have simply jumped to a conclusion, like the “presumable” sexual relations – presumed from what information? NONE!

So the “sexual relationship” and “him selling drugs to her” is pure speculation by the police taken up and exaggerated by the media. The “Radar Staff” person made up a story based on the old article mixing in and misinterpreting the phone records and bank statements published by Amanda Knox, just to hurt her.

In their atempt to paint Amanda Knox as some kind of “coke whore” who sold herself for cocaine they are of course able to ignore the negative tests for drugs. If she had been a long time heavy user of cocaine, as they want us to believe, it would have shown up in her hair. Another thing is: if Amanda Knox traded sex for the drugs as they assume, why do they also allege that her bank records prove that she spent her money on cocaine?

Where does the “”presumable” sexual relations” come from?

This story actually is “Sex with a stranger on a train 2.0”.

Amanda Knox had the following on her myspace blog

4)plane was chill, and the train wasnt hard. in fact, met a guy named frederico on the train to florence from milan, and we ended up hanging out together in florence, where he bought both deanna and i dinner and then, when deanna went to bed, we smoked up together, my first time in italy…. took pictures early the next day of neptune’s fountain and naked david, conveniently located right next to each other.

This entry seems to be the “source” the police has for the “sexual relationship”.

The press turned it into the “Sex with a stranger on a train” story and “She posted a picture of a naked man on her myspace”

The “naked man” whose picture Amanda Knox posted on her “myspace” page is this one:

Naked man on Amanda Knox's myspace page